Popular Liqueur Miniatures

Bailey’s Miniatures

The original Irish liqueur, Bailey’s is a rich combination of Irish whiskey and pure Irish cream, enhanced with chocolate, caramel and sugar. Originated in Ireland by R & A Bailey using only the finest ingredients and a unique natural blending process. The cream is preserved only by the whiskey and even a two year old bottle will taste as fresh as the day it was created. Great on its own or try it with ice for an enhanced taste experience. A great alternative wedding favour idea is a personalised miniature bottle of Bailey’s with your own personalised label.


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The classic orange flavoured liqueur. Clear in colour and made from the skins of Curaçao oranges. From their original distillery in Angers, France the Cointreau brothers Adolphe & Edouard-Jean experimented with various fruit based liqueurs and in 1875 they developed a spirit distilled with a combination of sweet and bitter orange peels and pure alcohol from sugar beets which became the basis of the famous Cointreau Liqueur now enjoyed in over 200 countries. Cointreau is the base of many famous cocktails including the legendary Margarita and the Cosmopolitan.


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Said to be created especially for Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the Rebel Prince, Drambuie is a combination of the finest single malt Scotch whiskies, cloves, saffron and honey together with secret ingredients which have been closely guarded over the centuries. According to the legend, the recipe for Drambuie was offered to Captain John MacKinnon as a reward for saving the Bonnie Prince’s life and helping him to escape the British after his failed attempt to restore the throne. Drambuie can be served on it’s own, with soda and lime, over ice or as part of a sophisticated cocktail.


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Malibu Miniatures

A rum based liqueur produced at a beach side distillery in Barbados by mixing Jamaican sugar cane molasses, coconut and spring water. First created in 1980, Malibu was originally made with flavoured spirits and coconut essence at a distillery in Curacao. As the product became more successful production was moved to a larger facility in Barbados and the quality of ingredients was vastly improved. Malibu is now a world brand owned by the Pernod Ricard corporation.


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Southern Comfort Miniatures

A dry blend of bourbon whiskey, Southern Comfort can be enjoyed on its own, over ice or mixed with lime and lemonade. 1874 - Working as a bartender in New Orleans, Irish immigrant MW Heron had the idea to improve the rough taste of barrelled whiskies with a secret blend of peach, orange, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. His recipe became a big hit and was originally called ‘Cuffs and Buttons’. In 1885 Heron presents his liqueur to the New Orleans Cotton and Industrial Exposition and renames it Southern Comfort - The Grand Old Drink of the South. In 1898 heron moves to his own tavern in Main S, Memphis, starts bottling his liqueur and trademarks the now famous brand. Now available in 60 countries and selling over 2 million cases each year, Heron's original recipe is known by less than 10 people.


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Tia Maria

A premium coffee liqueur with a delicate flavour, blended from Jamaican rum, coffee beans, vanilla and sugar. Best enjoyed over ice or on it's own, Tia Maria is also used in a variety of popular cocktails and deserts. Originated by Dr Evans after World War 2, he was said to invite acquaintances from the Kingston Country Club to try various recipes at his lab before perfecting his now secret recipe. Tia Maria is still made today at the original production plant in Kingston Jamaica and is part of the Pernod Ricard empire.

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